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3. Ironbridge and Buildwas 2022wJPG.JPG

The Gorge-ous Gorge

The wonderful UNESCO heritage site of Ironbridge is the start and finish points on many of our walks. Turning left off the bridge and walking along the Wharfage, you will come to the Museum of the Gorge, where on the river bank of the magnificent River Severn, a sculpture dedicated to the Ironbridge Coracle Men can be seen. The sculpture is based on an iconic image of Tommy Rogers, grandfather to the Gorge’s last coracle man, Eustace Rogers, who died in 2003. You can follow the Coracle Trail and visit both the new and old Coracle Sheds. 

Heading past the Museum, see if you can spot the unusual railings of the Merrythought Teddy Bear shop and museum before eventually arriving on the edge of Buildwas. This was the former home of the Power Station’s unique and much loved cooling towers which were demolished in 2019, with the remaining chimney coming down in 2021. Check out our tribute to the towers which were a key landmark on many of our walks and are still missed by many today.  After crossing Buildwas Bridge, you’ll find the site of the stunning remains of Buildwas Abbey. 

Visiting the Gorge from both sides of the River and from high and low perspectives gives a great insight into the many fantastic views. We are sure you'll love the beautiful Dingles in the Gorge as much as we do which have been created and maintained by the Severn Gorge Countryside Trust.

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